The First step towards understanding your investment options

Millions of people in the UK face the prospect of working for longer and having less money during their retirement years.

This can be due to a variety of factors, such as having to stop making payments to your pension, schemes that are under performing and dormant pensions from previous employment that you have simply forgotten about.

In fact, most people living in the UK do not have a clear understanding about what their pension is actually worth and how much it will provide for them in retirement.

Our role is to introduce customers to investment opportunities which we believe offer good potential and, if customers wish, to assist with certain steps that are necessary in order for them to take up those opportunities.

We do not claim any specialist knowledge or expertise as to the future performance of any investment product or investment opportunity. Any information provided by us is purely factual and available in the open market.

We are not authorised to give any financial advice. We can introduce you to an authorised firm of Independent Financial Advisers or Investment Managers from our panel to provide you with any relevant advice.